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Recruiting is hard enough. Recruiting for CXO positions can be even harder. We have a recruiting background and can totally relate to your needs. Let's talk.


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WHY CXOhiring

CXOhiring is the exclusive matchmaker platform to connect senior leadership and companies.

  • While most recruiters source CXO candidates through database and cold call, our candidates are mostly sourced by one-to-one consultation calls. Hence we're able to add more data points about the candidate than a normal recruiter. 
  • CXOhiring has a curated database of over 2000(and counting!) handpicked Senior Leadership candidates.
  • CXOhiring is completely focused on senior leadership positions, making it easier to save time and energy for recruiters.

Frequently asked questions

What is CXOhiring?

CXOhiring is the exclusive matchmaker platform to connect senior leadership and companies.

Are you just another recruiting agency for CXOs?

No. CXOhiring consults with the Senior leaders beforehand and make sure that while their privacy is guarded, the recruiters can get understand more about the candidate.

I am a Senior Leader. How can I approach you?

Great! Please contact us at [email protected] and we'll get back to you in 48 hours.

Who are behind CXOhiring?

CXOhiring team consists of Shyama Prasad Goswami, an ex Global CXO (Reliance and Birlas) with collective community support by Gaurav Agarwal, a Pan-India HR Management Consultancy founder and Akhil MK, a job outreach expert who has successfully applied his marketing background to job hunting. 

  • 27,Brabourne Road,”Narayani Buiding”,6th Floor, Suite No. 603 and 604, 700001, India, West Bengal, Kolkata
  • [email protected]

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